My Fairytale - The Real Story of "You've Got Mail"
You may ask yourself what I mean by "My Fairytale". The answer to this question is simple, my fairytale is how I have met, fell in love and got married to my most wonderful and beautiful wife Marilyn.
First Encounter
Back in 1999 I was in Boston doing further studies in webdesign and improving my English. The internet was still fairly new. I had a German girlfriend who was living outside of Boston and for us chatting in the chat-room was cheaper than making phone-calls. We usually met in the German chat-room. I often was there earlier and was waiting for her to show up. One day, one particular user "flutterlea" showed up and asked all sorts of questions about the German language. As I was waiting anyway, I thought I could answer to that person. It turned out that it was an Aussie girl who was interested in the German language. My then girlfriend showed up at some stage and I said good-bye to "flutterlea".
Establishing a Friendship
In numerous other occassions 'flutterlea' showed up in the German chat-room and as I was usually there before my then girlfriend showed up, I kept chatting to 'flutterlea' and we soon exchanged e-mail addresses. Sporadically we would send each other emails telling about each other's life and established a "pen-pal" sort of friendship. I still thought she would be this Aussie surfer chick and she would think I was this tall Swiss guy, probably blonde with blue eyes.