My Faith - My Key to a Peaceful Life
We live in a world where people are unsure what the future will bring. Watching or listening to the news actually paints a quite pessimistic picture. There is war, famine, natural catastrophies all over the world and in our day to day life we struggle with raising interest rates, astronomical prices for petrol, around 70% of Australian households are three salaries away from bankruptcy, increasing crime rate etc. Not a very nice picture, isn't it? But Jesus Christ offers hope against all this, helping us to find peace with God and peace with ourselves, promising salvation and eternal life.
How does he do that? Read more on the "Bridge to Life".
I came to Christ 6 years ago through an Alpha-course back in Switzerland (at the Gellert church in Basel) and got baptised in May 2007. Below you can find my testimony which I've used at my baptism in front of the congregation which will give you an insight into how I came to faith:

PDF Icon Testimony (19KB)