My Family - How Much I love them
My dad used to tell me not to be fighting with my siblings or be disrespectful towards mum. He used to say "You can have many friends but nobody loves you like your own family does, because we're made of the same flesh and blood. We sincerely care for each other, no matter what happens."
I never really understood what he said as I was a very rebellious teenager, fighting with my older sister very often and driving my mum crazy with my behaviour. I was very naughty and often valued my so called friends more than my family members.
Funny, now that I actually understand the importance of having this bond with your family, loving them the way I love them now, I'm all the way here in Australia, while they are in Switzerland.
I often make myself not think about them too much as it makes me very emotional. And of course the daily life then catches up with you and you sort of forget, like the saying "Out of sight - out of mind".
I miss seeing my nephew Noah and niece Hannah (my brother's kids) and how they grow and haven't actually seen my sister's daughter Angelina getting born. Of course I miss all this and sometimes I ask myself if I should return to Switzerland or not. Having said that, I really enjoy what Marilyn and I have got here in Melbourne. And if I moved back, Marilyn would feel the same with her family. I guess, nobody wins in our situation.