My Friends - My Second Family
Quality definitey goes before quantity, especially in relation to your friends. People who have hundreds of "friends" on facebook don't impress me at all. I'd rather have a handfull of good friends and know that these friends will always be there, no matter how far I am away, how often I get the chance to see them or speak to them - we will always be there for one another.
Back in Basel when I was going out a lot and even worked in a bar for a bit more than a year, I used to have many acquintances. I used to "know" many people and many faces around the town and people "knew" me. It seemed as if I had many friends on the surface. But I always knew for myself who my REAL friends were. And of course these friends I miss a lot besides missing my family since I've come here. But luckily, since I've been here, I've made new friends and new relationships have been formed, which I'm very happy of. I think I will always have this split between the "Swiss" friends and the "Aussie" friends.
I don't know what your thoughts are but I believe that each person is defined by the friends he/she has got. By analysing the friends you can draw conclusions on the characteristics of the person.
Having said that, besides my friends I also have some special people who will always have a very special space in my heart through the different experiences we've been through or through different things they've done for me or through the path that we shared for a short while in our lives.