Art - Wonderful to be creative
I enjoy being creative and love going to art galleries to see other people's work. I'm probably more the digital art person and not painting on canvas, or doing sculptures or other form of art. The reason could probably be that I suck with painting and drawing and never really got into it.
But I do enjoy going to art galleries and see the work of 'real' artists, who lived and died for their art. I don't have a particular preference when it comes down to art. I just know I like something or I dislike something. I can't grasp or describe my taste in art nor am I knowleagable enough to talk about movements or who was famous for abstract expressionism or what is neoclassicism etc.
Having said that, I'm a big fan of Impressionism and the impressionists Claude Oscar Monet, 1840 - 1926 (-1-,-2-,-3-), Alfred Sisley, 1839 - 1899
(-1-,-2-,-3-) or Camille Pissarro, 1830 - 1903 (-1-,-2-,-3-).
But in fact if I had to name a painter I like most, it would have to be Mark Rothko, 1903 - 1970 (-1-,-2-,-3-). Rothko's art is something that I usually would quickly comment with "Oh, I could have done this too and they call this art?" But for reasons I can't explain, some of his paintings I've seen in galleries have touched me in a deep way. The little thumbnails that I've included above do not even merely give you the slightest impression of how his work looks like on a wall. It's just huge when you stand or sit in front of it in a gallery and "sink into" the painting and suddenly it feels like the colours are living/breathing. The paintings are calming and simply peaceful.