Food - Enjoying What Enters My Mouth
Marilyn and I totally adore great food. Luckily we both are enjoying dining out and trying out new things, new places and new cuisine.
Funny, when I was younger I was quite blend with my food, didn't like seafood, wasn't experimental and basically just liked what I knew. Marilyn has motivated me to try out new things and I guess with age, curiosity grew and with Marilyn's encouragement I was able to try out new things and realised how nice different things are. Now I realise how silly I was to deprive all this great cooking of my mom's of myself by not trying.
I find it very difficult to make a statement of which food I like most. I enjoy so many different things and so many different cuisines and it's actually impossible to do it.
What I can say though is that I thoroughly enjoy Japanese (I love my sushi and sashimi), Chinese (especially Yum-Cha or simple things like dumplings or noodle soups), Malaysian (I don't understand how people would not like Hawker-style food), Vietnamese (Pho or Bun Bo Hue are totally yum) but of course growing up in Switzerland, bordering Italy, I absolutely love my pasta too.
Having said that, I do regularly have cravings for a fatty, unhealthy and cholesterol enriched burger (with the lot). Reflecting on my cravings, I do often crave for the most un-healthy things.