The Internet - The World is a Mouse-Click Away
Through the invention of the internet the world indeed is nowadays only a mouse-click away. I like everything about the internet and enjoy surfing around as much as other people enjoy watching TV, working on their car, or reading an interesting book.
With the webbrowser Mozilla | Firefox you can download a neat little add-in which is called "Stumble Upon". By installing this add-on you add an additional button on your webbrowser that shows a webpage each time you the button in an area of interest that you define at the beginning. It's a very fun way of 'stumble upon' webpages because you know no matter what you comes up, you'll be interested in its content.

I would struggle big time if I had to live wtithout the internet anymore. It's not necessarily the entertaining aspect of it for me but more the pratctical and informative one. In so many instances I just look up some information that I want to know about anything and a quick hopp on the internet and the information is on your screen. It's also great from a learning perspective, I can just read up whatever I like and it's all there and free.

Because I enjoy taking photographs (see photography) a lot, I also enjoy surfing for photographs of professional photographers to get inspiration and ideas.