Photography - Capture the Moment for Eternity
Often you do or see things, visit places and experience a moment that you would like to capture forever. If not, you would still have the fond memories but with the time these memories will fade and at some stage you won't really remember it anymore no matter how much you try. This must have been the initial reason how my interest for photography has came about.
I enjoy taking pictures but am still a novice in the art of photography. I am still learning the technique. Often it is still on trial and error to have the right aperture or other manual settings to take a good shot. But thanks to the digital SLR trying out different settings is great fun.

No matter if I get the technique or not, I know I can spend the entire day just walking around and take pictures. Unfortunately, I don't get to do this much lately. I have to start going out explicitely on photo trips. Maybe join a group of photo enthusiasts?

Photography then becomes an art when you prepare for the right shot, wait for the right lighting, pay careful attention to composition and can take a picture without spending "hours" afterwards to enhance/manipulate your picture with Photoshop. I admit that I am not mastering this art yet. But I guess most of all it's about having fund of doing something, right?