Travel - A Ticket Around the World Please
When I was younger I was never too much into travelling. I only caught the travel fever after I've met Marilyn as she loves travelling and exploring new places.

With my parents I always travelled much when I was younger as places are so close in Europe and you can easily get around without having to spend a lot of money.

But after I grew out of the age and when it became "un-cool" if you still travelled with your parents, I didn't really travel much anymore. I thought it would be better to stay in my home town and spend my money on going out.

But then I met Marilyn and coming from Australia Marilyn loved each bit of Europe. We travelled quite a bit together and realised from very early on that we both travelled very well together. I reckon how you travel together is a very good indication of how you do as a couple as well. If you travel well together, you should be fine. But if you start fighting while travelling, I don't think that the relationship can be considered to be good.

I've travelled many places/cities in Europe, a few in North America, some places in Asia and of course some places in Australia. It is very difficult to decide on was my favourite trip or most beautiful place I've been to. But amongst the most beautiful would definitely be the ones as mentioned on the next few pages.